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Theta Brain Waves are categorised as one of the five main frequency brain waves (gamma, alpha, beta, delta, theta) and are known to be the most creative.  Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition, is taught by World-Renown Brain Expert Jim Kwik as a powerful learning tool and is also considered as an alternative healing method for physical healing and self healingTheta State, is a frame of mind where imagination and visual perception is at its highest, when we are in tune with our intuition and understand information beyond normal conscious awareness.   It is a mental environment of deep relaxation that can be dreamlike or meditative and can empower people to manifest change as well as their deepest desires.  To some it is believed to be “the subconscious” as it snuggles between the frequencies of  the conscious and the unconscious mind at 3 – 8 hz.  

We emphasize art and creativity  as positive mindfulness meditation tools for health and wellbeing.  Theta State Of Mind aims to empower individuals and small businesses flow, create, unblock, release, team build and inspire, to promote creativity for emotional wellbeing and for the sake of a more joyful and creative future society.

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Ingrid SangHee Edwards

“Looking from alternative mind states allows one to view different perspectives, find freedom, create truths and build a vision”

 Ingrid Sanghee Edwards is a tricultural creative native (S. Korean, American, Dutch) with a Bachelors in fine art and a Masters in conceptual visual art. She is a visual artist, digital producer and a self-taught creative consultant and loves to conceptualize, strategize, design, and produce, to serve others and bring ideas to life using her artistic talents. Doing triple shifts and never off the clock, she tries to make time to create music, take on acting gigs, and create art.  Through her professional career and artistic endeavors, she has worked on Art projects associated with the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in the mountains of Pyeongchang and also Seoul, is currently working with artist Job Koelewijn reading out loud female literature hits and recording it for gallery installations, has also consulted and performed in contemporary projects displayed at the 1st Asia Biennale/5th Guangzhou Triennale and the 2018 Shanghai Biennale under the direction of artist Tiong Ang.  For the future, she, Tiong and her performance group will be exhibiting the upcoming Bucharest Biennale 2020. 

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